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JB Eckl

JB Eckl is a California-based musician, composer, vocalist and producer who has carved out a singularly diverse career embracing rock, funk, reggae, Latin, electronic and Global music. He has worked alongside his greatest heroes and contemporaries including War, Santana, Ozomatli and many more, and brings this eclectic range of influences, along with a distinctive flavor of his own, to his various solo and collaborative projects.

JB's journey began as a guitar-slinger in the blues bars of his native Canada. His insatiable curiosity and sense of adventure led him to extended stints in Mexico, the Caribbean and South America until he finally settled in Los Angeles, where his skills as a songwriter and guitarist landed him cuts on albums by En Vogue, Larry Carlton, and Eliades Ochoa of Buena Vista Social Club, among others. JB toured the world playing guitar for seminal funk band WAR and eventually produced and wrote songs for his musical hero Carlos Santana, contributing to Santana's Grammy-sweeping mega-hit album Supernatural as well as its multiplatinum follow-up Shaman, which also featured JB's lead vocals.

With Santana's encouragement, JB has since focused on his own artistry while continuing to produce and compose for outside projects. While moving between Guanajuato, Mexico, Victoria BC, Portland OR, Topanga CA and Nashville TN, he completed his introspective solo opus Everywhere At Once and reunited with his LA-based power trio Dig Infinity, which is currently working on its debut album.

A restless soul with a profound message and musical voice, JB Eckl is an artist for our time... and he's clearly just getting started.

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