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Doug Johns

doug johns.jpg

Bassist / Composer / Performer / Adventurer

Musician Doug Johns knows it’s all about the rhythm. And more than likely you’ll be swinging your hips and scrunching up your funk face with Doug Johns’ sixth solo release, Doug’s Party Mix (April 20, 2019).

Doug’s Party Mix comes out swinging with the opening track, “Blues MFR.” Wasting no time revealing Doug’s blues roots and all-out funknasty, it makes the the perfect introduction for track two, “Extra Hour,” with its slippery melody and that classic Doug Johns groove. Next up, “A Tall Order.” This song will make you feel like you’re at the front table in a small club while the band melts your face off!

Doug’s Party Mix reunites Doug’s favorite party guests: Guitarist Oz Noy, Jordan Simmons on drums, Kenny Anderson, Joe Miller and Jeff Wooldridge on horns, George McSears on keys, and Ray Guzman on percussion.

Note: Doug’s Party Mix may be played without a party present; however, an unplanned party may occur. Doug’s Party Mix is not responsible for unplanned parties. Don’t even try to say we didn’t warn you.

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