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John Montalbano

John Montalbano is a New York City engrained bass player, performer, songwriter and composer. His roots in classic and heavy rock may have set the stage for his music career, but his persistence in studying jazz and classical have made him one of the most sought after players on the scene for multiple genres of music.

As frontman/bass player for the power trio My World, John has carved a significant niche for himself not only in the live and commercial music realm, but as a talent in songwriting and TV/film composition.

My World consists of John and childhood friend Chris Munger, and together they have developed a reputation as a “musical force to be reckoned with.” John and Chris had both signed individual deals with BMG Music Publishing. Then, after seeing a My World performance, BMG signed the band on the spot with the philosophy that “My World promotes their accomplishments in the TV/film world as much as their TV/film work promotes My World.” My World has released their second studio album “Domination.” In BMG’s words, My World is like New York’s modern day Wrecking Crew, The Section, Muscle Shoals, Bomb Squad and Skywalker Ranch all in one. As a band, they are like Frank Zappa, The Talking Heads, Allman Brothers and the Foo Fighters.

John Montalbano has played and/or recorded with numerous artists from hip hop and country to rock and metal. From hip-hop legends Public Enemy and DMC to Rock And Roll Hall of Famers Jeff “Skunk” Baxter and Gene Cornish. Music that John has been instrumental in has been nominated for Emmy’s and Grammy’s and he has received multiple Promax and Telly awards.

John Montalbano is currently working on My World’s third studio album and composing music for the new season of Wonderama on FOX.

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